Guest Eve Lorgen Discussing The Alien Love Bite


Please mark your calendar and join Eve Lorgen and Patricia Farrington, on BlogTalk Radio Wednesday, July 12,  2 pm EST . We will discuss the history of how the “alien love bite” really was discovered and how it can be understood even now with much of what many are experiencing in the false twin flame scenario with the “hyperdimensional interference factor”.

This will be a Live Broadcast. If you do not have a Blogtalk account. You may go sign-up for one for free. During the call there will be a live chat available to those with accounts, which allows you to ask questions. Also at the end of the discussion phone lines will be open for those that would like to call in and ask their question live.

Eve Lorgen is a dedicated counseling and hypnotherapy professional, author, anomalous trauma researcher, Hatha yogi and Taoist Chi Gong practitioner. She began her pioneering work with alien abductees, “milabs” and mind control victims while earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992. She also holds a BS in Biochemistry and worked in the Biotechnology industry for 7 years. Eve started a support group in 1994 in San Diego County, CA for experiencers of anomalous trauma and continues to consult with anomalous trauma clients worldwide today while living in Western North Carolina. She was a close associate of the late Barbara Bartholic and is dedicated in continuing and expanding the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner.

Anomalous Trauma is defined as traumatic events that are out of the normal range of human experience. These experiences may include alien abductions, near death experiences, shamanic initiations, military abductions (milabs) mind control, spiritual warfare, demonic and psychic attacks, cult involvement and narcissistic abuse. Early on in her career counseling alien abductees, she discovered a plethora of unusual experiences that often accompanied those who reported alien encounters and milabs. The most prominent aspect of Eve’s counseling and support is with those who are experiencing some form of alien or paranormal orchestrated love relationship issues, or what she calls “the love bite”.

The love bite is a misunderstood and highly taboo aspect of the alien abduction experience: alien engineering of human love relationships and alien manipulation of abductees’ lives. However, as more people have come forward to share their unusual “orchestrated love relationships”, Eve discovered that this is not exclusive to the “alien abductee subpopulation” and is much more widespread.

Eve authored The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships” and The Dark Side of Cupid (Keyhole Publishing, 2012)

(E Logos & HHC Press, 2000) and is a contributing author to all three volumes of the Universal Seduction by Angelico Tapestra. She is currently writing a self-help book on love relationships related to the paranormal themes discussed, so that seekers may be able to recognize, deal with and heal from these engineered “trauma drama” love relationships, and be able to discern between a true soul mate and a counterfeit one– orchestrated from questionable “otherworldly” sources.
Eve Lorgen has written numerous articles internationally on the alien abduction phenomenon in magazines such as X-Times, Nexus, JAR, MUFON Journal, Enigmas, Unknown Magazine, independent E-zines, newsletters, blogs and web sites. Many of her articles have been printed in Spanish, Italian, French and Croatian. Eve is also an excellent poet. She is a frequent guest of talk radio shows, independent film documentaries, and a former radio show host for NSPN Night Search Paranormal Radio Network of out Memphis, TN. She has publicly lectured across the US for MUFON groups, annual conferences, independent paranormal & UFO discussion groups and Brian Hall’s Conspiracy Conference.

Eve is available for telephone consulting/counseling for a fee. Please contact Eve directly to schedule a session.


Guest James Bartley Discussing Alien, Reptilian & Military Abductions.


Bartley at Repcon 1

Thursday, May 11th, at 7pm EST I will be interviewing James Bartley. We will discuss the different types of abductions that humanity has been experiencing, and why.

    Bio of James Bartley

            The Reptilian Overlordship, Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions

James Bartley has investigated Alien Abductions and particularly Reptilian Abductions and Military Abductions (Milabs) for over twenty five years. James is a protégé of legendary Alien Abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic.  James is an Independent Historian with an emphasis on Intelligence/Counterintelligence and Special Operations.  He is a student of Military History (from antiquity to modern times) and has made an in-depth study of the military-industrial-financial-security complex which developed after World War 2. James hosted his own radio and internet webcast program based out of Tucson Arizona and interviewed a number of well known individuals in the UFO Field including Georgina Bruni and former MUFON International Director John Schuessler. James formerly worked in an Intelligence related activity for U.S. Naval Air Forces.

James currently has his own Podcast show called “The Cosmic Switchboard.” He has interviewed some of the top researchers in the field including Jorge Martin Miranda of Puerto Rico, Peter Moon of Montauk fame, Eve Lorgen, Freeman Fly and top Sasquatch researcher Mike Paterson to name just a few.

James has lectured at a number of locations including the legendary “UFO Friendship Campouts” at the Lil A’Le Inn in Rachel Nevada, adjacent to the infamous Groom Lake “Dreamland” complex. He gave a memorial speech and video presentation on behalf of his friend Dr. Karla Turner at a UFO Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1997.

James was also a featured speaker at one of the Roswell Conferences at Roswell New Mexico in early July 2007, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the famous Roswell Crash Retrievals. James has also lectured in San Diego California, Las Vegas Nevada, Memphis Tennessee, Mississippi, Sydney, The Blue Mountains, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Central Coast of New South Wales.  James was a featured speaker at the first ever REPCON near Manchester England in May of 2016.  James has lived for many years in an area rife with UFO and Deep Black Military Activity: The Southwestern Desert of America and in particular Southern California. James personally investigated numerous reptilian abduction cases and military abduction cases in the High Desert of Southern California. The High Desert of Southern California is where the deep black aerospace industry is located as well as military installations which figure prominently in UFO and Milab research such as Edwards Air Force Base and Naval Weapons Center China Lake. He is familiar with much of the UFO-Military underground and undersea base activity in Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Nevada.

His website is:

His YouTube channel is:





Don’t Fear The Matrix. If You Can See Through The Illusion Then You Are The Solution.

We are our own Universes exploring another’s Universe. Because, we experience this Universe as a fractal of the whole during our exploration, we are deeply connected. The Matrix distorts our connection leaving us to question who we are? We feel alone, unworthy, and divided, but there is no truth in that beLIEf. We can thank every actor in this grand theatrical performance, for the greatest lessons are learned when we are thrown out of our comfort zones.

There is nothing to fear Sovereign Beings. We got this!  We don’t have to become anything, because We Already Are Everything! Injoy the process of Remembering Who You Are!

You not only see the illusions you feel them in your very being. You KNOW You are Infinite!


INNERStellar Cosmic Conversations Opening Audio.

Frîncu Bogdan will be a Co-Host with me on INNERStellar Cosmic Conversations when our scheduling permits. He is also an incredibly talented musician and has created this first piece of music as a brief opening for the show. It is 39 seconds in length. Injoy!

We would love to hear feedback on how this makes you feel.

The Door To Wisdom Is Knowing Yourself…



I have a little something that I have felt for weeks that needed to be expressed. It will be received well by some, and be offensive to others, but that is what happens when we speak from our hearts. This is intended for those that it resonates with in knowing you are not alone and that our creative energy is powerful.
There is a lot of drama being played out in the arena, which for many is a very painful process, and for others it is exciting representing a time of great change, a time of transformation that will bring us back to center point and remembering who we are as Divine Infinite Creators.
These dramas have been masterfully created as a distraction. Every faction is vying for superiority over our Mother PlanET and HU-Manity. And, as long as we are buying tickets for the events, showing up, picking a team and raging against those that appear to be our adversaries, we are not victorious. We are trophies, gold medals, badges of honor to those feeding off of this energy. Whenever someone attempts to exert power over us, that means they fear us. That fear of us and loss of power over us is their motivating factor in continuing to perform acts that keep us in a state of anger, fear, separation and self-loathing. Because we are mirroring back to them what they are projecting onto us, if we continue to engage in this repetitive loop.
There are many, not all, out there right now that have elevated themselves up as teachers, mentors, healers and ones that have the answers on how to exit this particular Matrix we are experiencing. Their actions are not proving to be integral with their words, and their words aren’t aligning with the work they are selling. I see many contradictions and feel so much deception on so many levels going on. So many caught up in the drama’s they claim to be free of. If it doesn’t feel right to you, trust your heart. We can’t follow everyone that has a service to sell. And, at the same time we are all co-creating everything that we are witnessing and will all fall into place with the timeline that is aligned with our soul’s destiny. I know this, and this is being written to the tribe that aligns with the journey that is returning to center, where there is no right or wrong. It is the place of Being where you are in Unity with all that is.
We have lost memory of the Infinite Love that we are. Many feel lost and disconnected from their Higher Self. But, that is an illusion that yet again has been fabricated. It served an amazing purpose that allowed for exploration, and self-discovery.
Being a Warrior does not mean that one has to engage in an energetic or physical battle that entangles us in a web of entrapment. I have a few phrases I repeat over and over again, because they are so powerful! During this period of great change… Remember Who You Are… Know Thyself… Just Be…
To master feeling complete in one’s aloneness is to master being complete in one’s oneness. Mastering knowing myself. We are never alone, we are always in state of wholeness and oneness with all that is outside of the illusion. KNOW THYSELF!

Know Thyself




Our journey in this Universe is about balance and reintegration with Inner Self. Knowing that I AM Infinite Eternal and All Knowing means that it is ALL within Me. We are all experiencing compression within this Universe and lack of a consciousness that we are awakening to and becoming more aware of our Inner Self again. While we are in this Galactic Womb we are experiencing the Masculine and Feminine aspects of this Universal Creator, but the God Programs are always seeking worship & rituals and not Authentic Heart Connection. I love our Mother and every aspect of her role, and I love our Father and every aspect of his role. After all they are One Being expressing Self in this Universe of duality as though they are separate. Our role as Hu-Man’s is just as magnificent, as we are Co-Creating with the Creator of this Universe. We are all integrating, and our journey started with Heart Conscious Awareness, that is how we entered and that is how we shall leave. It is always about going within and connecting to our Heart Center to remember our Higher/Inner Self. There is a lot of deception around ones true Inner Light. Know that your path is from YOUR Heart as to not fall into the traps set by the God Programs. Remember Who You Are…