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I Am all about bringing Hu-Manity together to share our own experiences to inspire and encourage others. We all have something to teach and learn from one another. I host live internet shows to create this space. I hope you join in and share about yourself. You will find the link at the top right of my WordPress page.

I offer sessions shared below:

Specific Areas of Focus Based On My Own:

Experiences In Healing:

Healing the trauma of our inner child caused by sexual abuse.

Sexual addiction. Abuse experienced by our parents, causing feelings of abandonment, low-self worth, and self-sabotage.

Finding balance and self-love in our lives.

Jarrod Harrington Discusses Energy Devices, Orgone & Frequencies 11-4-2017

Jarrod Harrington shares his vast knowledge of Orgone and Energy Devices with Patricia Farrington. Jarrod has always had a an interest and passion for electricity and energy. Where thought goes energy flows. Jarrod is the Founder and Creator of https://www.resonatingfrequencytechno… What Jarrod creates with his energy devices assists […]