My Journey in Transcending the God Matrix with George Kavassilas October 2017.



My Journey in Transcending the God Matrix with George Kavassilas.

Hello beautiful humanity! I know that many of you have been waiting for me to share my experience, and it has been challenging for me to put into words. I am still processing all that I personally experienced and all of the soul family that I reconnected with. But, here goes…

I have to start with saying just meeting George face to face in physical form was already intense for me. We have had this very deep soulful connection since we met. I thought the moment that I was standing in front of him I would breakdown and sob. I anticipated that I wouldn’t even be able to speak. Not, because I have George on a pedestal, but he is my broSTAR, and this was a family reunion. Surprisingly no tears fell. We embraced and I had an experience that I have never felt before when connecting with another human being. When our energetic bodies connected I felt a vibrational connection that literally shifted my frequency. It felt like a calibration was occurring and it wasn’t intrusive it was more expansive and liberating. I was home with family and that soul energy was moving through all of the cells in my being. It was simply love in the purest form possible.

Now day two is a whole other story. I arrived a day before the event started so that I could get settled in. Day 2 for me is day 1 of Transcending the God Matrix. I had shared with George when we first talked back in 2014 that I had this memory and it was unfolding before my very eyes. As I was sitting in my chair I said if George is wearing Khaki’s this is just another confirmation of my memory and there he is in Khaki’s. There were many Déjà vu moments throughout this entire process. A lovely man created music CD’s that he was gifting to us all. I had another moment and I was like if there is a song on this CD that says we are all one, here comes another remembering being confirmed. I turned it over and there it was. I remember Co-Creating this whole experience.

As George began sharing his wisdom the tears started to flow and continued to flow every day that we all came together. This whole process was about remembering and being the Divine Infinite Creators we all are. Every day in every moment I was remembering and becoming more empowered. At one point George said to me, Patricia your Greater Being is screaming at me. Lol! This is so funny, because it seems my Greater Being communicating with others is very expressive. I have heard this more than once. So he had me come forward and participate in an exercise of closure. A space had been created with so much love and support by George and with all of the other beautiful beings that were there sharing in this experience. I was able to be vulnerable, transparent and trusting which doesn’t come easy for me and is something I have been working towards for the last few years. It was a beautiful experience and I was surrounded by unconditional love.

The days were filled with authentic expressions of divine wisdom by all. We had sessions on the beach in Monterey Bay California, and sat around a bonfire injyoing one another and connecting to ancient soulful relationships. George shared exercises from his own personal experiences with us daily that helped us remember how to connect to our Divine Infinite Nature and how to live as the Creators that we are. How to stay connected with the Organic Nature of The Prime Creator of this Universe and our roles as Co-Creators. This course is about remembering, empowerment, owning our original intention/divine will in creation. Honoring our agreements and bringing closure where closure is needed.

What I personally experienced was a remembering of being a Prime Creator in this Universe, meaning I was here in the beginning. I am here at this time for my birthing process that is taking place. Though I have experienced a quite dramatic life, it is exactly the life that I created and wanted to experience. I have never felt like a victim, and some have thought that I had Stockholm syndrome, or that I was just not facing the trauma, but that is simply not true. That stems from one’s own unhealed traumas and I do innerstand that, but I have faced all aspects of myself and I know myself well. I have done my shadow work, I have gone through the process of acknowledgement, gratitude, reconciliation, embracing and releasing. That has been my focus for the last four years. I am not trapped, or here against my will. This is not a prison planet to me. There is a Matrix and A.I. that I know I have played a role in Co-Creating. I don’t fear it. I will live out my timeline as it is divinely appointed and I will return home. So much fear is being generated at this time to distract us from Remembering Who We Are, and all we have to do is refuse to play that game. We can’t be Infinite Sovereign Beings and be trapped or held against our will. That is a contradiction, which really is a lie being told to disempower and create rage.

George and I became friends years back, which really was a reconnection with soul family and he is a brother to me. George has always played a role of empowering me and confirming what I already knew to be true inside of me, but felt like if I share this with the world they will think I am crazy. Well, today I embrace crazy like a badge of honor. I have so much love and gratitude for the beautiful space that George created, and his dedication every day to be present and support every being in the room. The love this man has for humanity, and all that is in this Universe is not even definable by words. I also want to thank everyone for the experiences we had with one another. There was so much authenticity, so much love, so much respect and appreciation. I am Infinitely Grateful and very aware of who I am. There was indeed a transformation in Transcending the God Matrix.


Building Bridges Not Bombs

Instead of being a bomb blowing everything and everyone up, why not be a bridge bringing people together with empathetic non-judgmental communication? Sure, there are people that love the drama of the bomb, but remember that it kills and destroys. Leave the drama behind and open your heart to being the bridge that takes us a on a journey of discovery, not just of other people and places, but of ourselves as well. Let’s build bridges together and Remember Who We Are…



What Is Unconditional Love?


What is Unconditional Love?

After a discussion I recently had about love during an interview, it really caused me to take pause and reflect on what love is.

If I perceive love the way in which it has been presented to us in this 3rd dimensional reality, it is very superficial and ego based. Distorted love is very conditional, based on how someone makes you feel, and how much in agreement they are with your personal belief systems. Distorted love can quickly turn into many different things. It can become disappointment, resentment, anger and hate. The reason that is so is because we have created so many expectations around the word love.

Unconditional love has been proclaimed by many including myself, yet unconditional love has no expectations, no limitations, no boundaries and no judgments of any kind. Therefore, once a condition of any kind has been put on love it is no longer unconditional. Love is very ephemeral in this dimension.

As, I really felt deep into this, into my memory and awareness of unconditional love, it became more clear to me how to express this verbally, though it is hard to experience it in actions with all of the distortions we are currently experiencing.

We are always connected to our Greater Being/Higher-Self/Infinite Essence, but because we are experiencing ourselves in multidimensional states of being as fractals of our Whole Sanctified Being, we have forgotten who we are. This divinely created manifestation is supporting every experience that our souls are to have immaculately. In the Higher Dimensions of where our Indestructible Unlimited Infiniteness resides we are Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is what created and sustains all that is and always has been.

When observing this reality from my Heart Center in connection with My Greater Being I Am experiencing and witnessing unconditional love. It is not a feeling as we would associate it mentally within our earthly bodies. It is a graceful inflowment of harmonies, frequencies and vibrations where we are beings of Infinite Light and Infinite Love beyond the void. It is beyond time, limitations and illusions of separation, beyond all of the drama and the roles we play in this arena.

There is no good versus evil. There is only Love, and that is Infinite Isness of Just Being…

Our Reality is a Divinely Created Puzzle.




This reality is a divinely created puzzle. All of the pieces appear to be scattered in chaos. Yet, everything we need to know about ourselves, our universe, and why we are here lie await for the day that each individual begins to put their pieces of the puzzle together.

There has always been order in the chaos. We have always been a fractal of our divine expression. You want answers? You want truth? You want to remember who you are? Let’s together in love as we experience, observe these pieces come together and watch this divine puzzle reveal itself. As we have created so it will be.

Remember that broken pieces, separation and lack of knowing are all illusions.

The truth has always been within every fractal and cell of our beings. We are the Creators. We are the Way Showers!

Know your magnificence!


Please Visit My New Website. It Is Awesome!

I am so excited to share my new website with you. This was a beautiful co-created project. Beth Simon, is the lovely talented beautiful siSTAR that did all of the physical creation. Beth is Audio Clairvoyant, and we literally had some interesting multidimensional energetic exchanges in co-creating this. She heard my vision and she created it. It is still being tweaked. There are really cool interactive features available depending on your device and browser you are using. The music was created by Frîncu Bogdan, and he also connected with me on a heart level to create exactly what I wanted. I am very grateful for these two beautiful beings that are indeed Soul Family. I love you both. Thank you and I really hope you all injoy the beauty that was created here.

Self Expression Through Heart And Soul Resonance.



This writing is inspired by a friend who shared his views on service to others and just wanted my thoughts. It was interesting enough to me to want to share with everyone.

The questions asked:

“I was thinking about service to self and others and how the spiritual community views the subject that service to others is more evolved etc… or the way to go. And in a way it is of course, most definitely, but I always get a weird feeling around the subject. Like it’s trying to get you to feel guilt or possibly that you are not enough etc… While that of course may serve a purpose altogether. I mean you will know what you need for this experience right now. Your core self doesn’t care if you are service to self or service to others. To put it bluntly It loves you nonetheless. The whole concept doesn’t seem to make sense to me, and doesn’t sound very loving. Like you could argue, every service to self is also a service to others…It’s a weird place here isn’t and every service to others is a service to self. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.



This is my perception. I try to always express without over complicating it and writing a book. I hope I do my friend a proper service in responding.

We are all Sovereign Independent Beings, and we all are participating in Self- Expression, however, we choose to do so. What differentiates our expressions is we are all unique in carrying our own energetic signatures. How we manifest our intentions is based on our Universal contracts as Co-Creators with the Creator of this Universe. This is what resonates within my being.

For others this may not be how they view it at all. There are many concepts about creation and our roles. Does one believe that they are a creation of one Infinite Creator that claims to be Creator of all? Is there one Creator and we are all an illusion in its mind, role playing for itself? Are we all are our own Universes experiencing one another’s Universes and Co-Creators of all that is? Does one believe in free will? On what levels of awareness. During this process there may be judgments, right fighters, passiveness, passive aggression, fear, anger, lack of self-worth, and loss of identity, the perception of good and evil at odds with one another. But, it still all returns full circle back into heart center to the love that we are.

For me, it is only a matter of whether I am consciously creating. If so then my movement will be more in alignment to my Infinite Soul Signature as I am remembering who I Am. Being true to my plevel does free will exist if it does? You have it or you don’t. If you have it then you are always in control and if you don’t then you never have had control over your own actions, someone else always has. It can go on and on. The interesting dynamic in all of these possibilities is, it is all divinely planned and created. There is no right or wrong, only possibilities that are limitless.

There can be no right or wrong, because within every creation truth claim Infinite Divine love is always at its core center. If love is always at the center of creation then love is all there is. Every experience would have originated from love and serves a purpose for Soul Expression and that includes the experience of the Dark Night of the Soul and Shadowy Aspects of Us.

We are sure to experience from ego, mind, and heart in a journey of discovery. As each one us is living our Soul Expression and the illusion of separation, we will be at different places in the here in now. It becomes more about transparency and lifting the veil of illusion. Living and creating with resonance and exhilaration.

So the answer my friend, is whether I am living an appearance of only serving self, I am always serving the whole, and if I am living in service to others I am always serving myself.


In the here and now my Soul Expression is to serve others by holding space even in dark places. I am doing it through one on one sessions and through interviewing those that have stories to tell and experiences to share. It is not up to me to judge the story or the experience, but to hold space to embrace transparency. I connect with and honor the Divine Feminine in me that reignited my spark to create this space in love and grace.











Dusty Peters And Patricia Farrington On Stepping Into Your Greatness!


18009158_189423708233403_1325623661_n (1)

One of the main reasons I decided to start hosting my own Internet Gig is to connect Humanity to one another. While, I will bring well known public figures on at least once a month, I will also be inviting people not so well known.

We all have a story to tell that empowers us when sharing and others when hearing. I am here doing this, because of the love and support of those around me that allowed me to share and held the space for me during the process. I really hope you will tune in and support Dusty in this exciting step she is taking to put herself out in the public eye.

A little about Dusty in her own words.

I have subconsciously been on this journey for ages…
Being connected to Mother Earth for many lifetimes and being labled the castout because they could not handle my power…
I spent lifetimes hiding in my womb waiting for a safe time to have my coming out party…
Hiding in religion and playing it safe…
Being persecuted for the sins of my father…
Backlashed for speaking my truth…
Withered up in cowardice…
There had to be a breaking point for me to reach…
I had enough of the supression…
Enough with the hiding…
I came here with a purpose..
To shine my light and help others…
I am healing my heart and mind daily..
I am not perfect…
I am me..
My message reaches and helps the right people!


Are You Observing Or Are You Judging?


The reason you are here is because your soul is committed to a journey of self discovery that allows it to evolve. The soul does not care if the lessons are easy, hard, joyful, painful, boring or exciting. The soul is all about experiencing without judgment. Are you observing or are you judging? Slow the mind down a little and see through the eyes of your soul.

Our Beautiful Mother Earth



I am looking forward to the conscious knowing that will one day take place, when it is known that our Earth Mother is a sentient being as is everything. Everything is alive and feels. What we eat, and drink becomes waste. That waste is then thrown onto her body. All of the chemicals that we use, the medications that are taken, all are flowing in the water and throughout the land. Imagine how your body feels when you are not taking care of it, and then think about the mass population, and the effects/affects that it is having on our beautiful mother. All of the wars being waged and all of the death that occurs on her body. All of the pain and sorrows of others she carries

Yes, she chose to play this role for us and hold this space. It just humbles me and I am in awe of this beautiful woman. I think about how tired we get and overwhelmed at times and how much more so it has to be for her. The unconditional love that it took to hold this space for us is so amazing to me.

The more time I spend with her, the more I feel her, the more I also feel and love humanity. I want to be more like our Mother I want to hold the space for those in need. I want to give to humanity and give back to her. The more love and gratitude we show one another the more we heal ourselves, heal one another and heal our Mother. We all long for connection and love. I know we can be love for one another. If we let go of judging, and being right fighters, and love without expectations we will all be fulfilled!

We are Infinite Divine Beings and always whole in our Infiniteness, but we have forgotten that. The closer we get to embracing the Infinite Love We Are, the closer we are to Remembering Who We Are!

Ronald Fellion & Patricia In A Discussion On Programs Running In The Matrix

Truth Beyond The Earthly Matrix

Ron worked as an energy healer using his Quantum Vibration Energy system, is a writer with a published book, “Truth Beyond The Earthly Matrix,” as well many papers outlining the knowledge he has gained on his spiritual journey. He made some videos which he posted on his Facebook page and has given talks at several Metaphysical shows. The knowledge-knowing he shares comes from his experiences within the physical world including mental downloads of information and from experiences outside of his physical body. These experiences include his physical body disappearing for an extended time, observing and interacting with objects and beings which don’t belong to our normal physical world, traveling outside his body, and many synchronistic events which lead to profound experiences.  His goal in talking with others is to get them to think about what they believe, and question what have become accepted truths.

Interview will be posted June 11th.