Aug Tellez & Patricia Farrington 8-8-2017

Live in people’s DNA
Questions for public, answered through videos
Self Validation
Lion’s Gate
Solar Flare
Memory Restored
Memory and Guidance
Interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, September Viewing
Holographic in Nature,
Outside of this Dimension,
Holographic in Nature,
Mind Beyond,
Virtual Nature
Interdimensional Parasites,
Creation of Physical through Imagination,
Then Creation of Imagination through the Physical,
Use Tech to Change it or Use Spirit and Intent,
Magic and Technology
Moving Timelines Instead of Physical Alterations
3.5 D instead of 4D and Higher
Spirit is Long Body Highest Potentiality Aspect,
Physical is Mundane, Lowest Potentiality Aspect,
Bottom of Pyramid to Higher
Base Level of Potentiality, Maximum Level of Potentiality
Extraction and Mental Liberation


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