Self Expression Through Heart And Soul Resonance.



This writing is inspired by a friend who shared his views on service to others and just wanted my thoughts. It was interesting enough to me to want to share with everyone.

The questions asked:

“I was thinking about service to self and others and how the spiritual community views the subject that service to others is more evolved etc… or the way to go. And in a way it is of course, most definitely, but I always get a weird feeling around the subject. Like it’s trying to get you to feel guilt or possibly that you are not enough etc… While that of course may serve a purpose altogether. I mean you will know what you need for this experience right now. Your core self doesn’t care if you are service to self or service to others. To put it bluntly It loves you nonetheless. The whole concept doesn’t seem to make sense to me, and doesn’t sound very loving. Like you could argue, every service to self is also a service to others…It’s a weird place here isn’t and every service to others is a service to self. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.



This is my perception. I try to always express without over complicating it and writing a book. I hope I do my friend a proper service in responding.

We are all Sovereign Independent Beings, and we all are participating in Self- Expression, however, we choose to do so. What differentiates our expressions is we are all unique in carrying our own energetic signatures. How we manifest our intentions is based on our Universal contracts as Co-Creators with the Creator of this Universe. This is what resonates within my being.

For others this may not be how they view it at all. There are many concepts about creation and our roles. Does one believe that they are a creation of one Infinite Creator that claims to be Creator of all? Is there one Creator and we are all an illusion in its mind, role playing for itself? Are we all are our own Universes experiencing one another’s Universes and Co-Creators of all that is? Does one believe in free will? On what levels of awareness. During this process there may be judgments, right fighters, passiveness, passive aggression, fear, anger, lack of self-worth, and loss of identity, the perception of good and evil at odds with one another. But, it still all returns full circle back into heart center to the love that we are.

For me, it is only a matter of whether I am consciously creating. If so then my movement will be more in alignment to my Infinite Soul Signature as I am remembering who I Am. Being true to my plevel does free will exist if it does? You have it or you don’t. If you have it then you are always in control and if you don’t then you never have had control over your own actions, someone else always has. It can go on and on. The interesting dynamic in all of these possibilities is, it is all divinely planned and created. There is no right or wrong, only possibilities that are limitless.

There can be no right or wrong, because within every creation truth claim Infinite Divine love is always at its core center. If love is always at the center of creation then love is all there is. Every experience would have originated from love and serves a purpose for Soul Expression and that includes the experience of the Dark Night of the Soul and Shadowy Aspects of Us.

We are sure to experience from ego, mind, and heart in a journey of discovery. As each one us is living our Soul Expression and the illusion of separation, we will be at different places in the here in now. It becomes more about transparency and lifting the veil of illusion. Living and creating with resonance and exhilaration.

So the answer my friend, is whether I am living an appearance of only serving self, I am always serving the whole, and if I am living in service to others I am always serving myself.


In the here and now my Soul Expression is to serve others by holding space even in dark places. I am doing it through one on one sessions and through interviewing those that have stories to tell and experiences to share. It is not up to me to judge the story or the experience, but to hold space to embrace transparency. I connect with and honor the Divine Feminine in me that reignited my spark to create this space in love and grace.












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