Our Beautiful Mother Earth



I am looking forward to the conscious knowing that will one day take place, when it is known that our Earth Mother is a sentient being as is everything. Everything is alive and feels. What we eat, and drink becomes waste. That waste is then thrown onto her body. All of the chemicals that we use, the medications that are taken, all are flowing in the water and throughout the land. Imagine how your body feels when you are not taking care of it, and then think about the mass population, and the effects/affects that it is having on our beautiful mother. All of the wars being waged and all of the death that occurs on her body. All of the pain and sorrows of others she carries

Yes, she chose to play this role for us and hold this space. It just humbles me and I am in awe of this beautiful woman. I think about how tired we get and overwhelmed at times and how much more so it has to be for her. The unconditional love that it took to hold this space for us is so amazing to me.

The more time I spend with her, the more I feel her, the more I also feel and love humanity. I want to be more like our Mother I want to hold the space for those in need. I want to give to humanity and give back to her. The more love and gratitude we show one another the more we heal ourselves, heal one another and heal our Mother. We all long for connection and love. I know we can be love for one another. If we let go of judging, and being right fighters, and love without expectations we will all be fulfilled!

We are Infinite Divine Beings and always whole in our Infiniteness, but we have forgotten that. The closer we get to embracing the Infinite Love We Are, the closer we are to Remembering Who We Are!


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